In the face of the pandemic, the union and the employer`s negotiator, the Greater Victoria Labour Relations Association (GVLRA) – have negotiated a rollover agreement for one year, including a 2% pay rise on 1 January 2021. This issue was debated at the General Assembly on 25 November 2020 and then voted on online. Members voted overwhelmingly in favour of adopting the rollover agreement. Please read the FAQ and summary below. The provisional agreement was reached on 14 August, after two days of mediation discussions. Negotiations with GVHS were completed in April 2019. This collective agreement is valid until 31 December 2023. The current collective agreement with the WSPRS (West Shore Parks and Recreation Society) expires on December 31, 2020. We have not yet reached an agreement with the management of WSPRS.

“Our members have worked hard for months to reach a fair agreement, and this hard work has brought significant improvements to workers in the Capital Regional District,” said RICK Illi, president of CUPE in 1978. The four-year agreement provides for annual wage increases and a provision for the parties to regularize auxiliaries, a key point in the negotiations, given the approximately 375 auxiliaries in the Capital Regional District. “The main issue to be negotiated is improving the performance of casual and auxiliary workers,” says Illi. “These workers are not entitled to most of the benefits in the collective agreement, but rather deserve an hourly bonus. One of our top priorities in this round of negotiations is to modestly increase this hourly premium for our most vulnerable members, who often lack job security, reliable working hours or consistent schedules. To date, the Greater Victoria Labour Relations Board and the CRD have not been prepared to give serious consideration to this proposal and, as a result, we have found ourselves at an impasse in the negotiations. CUPE 1978 represents approximately 1,200 members in the Greater Victoria area, including over 750 members working for the CRD and providing important community services to residents and businesses. “We need to ensure that there is no risk to public safety and that essential services are maintained before we can take any work action or lay off workers,” said Rick Illi, president of CUPE Local in 1978. The current collective agreement with the CRD (Capital Regional District) expires on December 31, 2020. Negotiations for our VIHA members are also over.

VIHA members voted in early 2019 to ratify the proposed changes to the collective agreement. The new collective agreement will apply from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2022. For more information, visit the CUPE Community Health website: “In addition to limited job security, auxiliary workers are denied many of the benefits granted to regular employees, which we find unacceptable. This agreement offers us the opportunity to find a solution to their precariousness by creating new permanent regular and part-time jobs,” Illi said. MEMBERS of CUPE 1978, who represent municipal workers in the Capital Regional District of Victoria, B.C, today ratified a new collective agreement.

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