The Logistics Management Intern Program is a dynamic two-year program that offers permanent promotional positions in the federal government. The Department of the Army (DA) recruits and trains civilians as Logistics Management Specialist Interns and prepares them for a future career as a member of the Army civilian team that supports soldiers around the world. This two-year professional development program is delivered through formal attendance training and a series of on-the-job rotation trainings with Department of Defense (DOD) authorities in the United States. The training focuses on transportation, procurement, maintenance, financial management, contract negotiations and executive development. This quality program ensures the availability of well-trained and experienced personnel with the right skills to support the civilian workforce of the army of the future. Once the program is completed, individuals are placed in positions around the world. The NADP is made up of paid entry-level employees and associates and may be right for you. This program offers an exceptional opportunity for those who wish to advance their professional career quickly and feel a sense of pride in supporting the mission of the DON. For the candidate, there are professional work environments, predictable promotions, mobility, travel and the opportunity to be associated with acquisition, logistics and technology programs essential to our nation and to support our naval forces. “The payment is fantastic and the responsibilities are determined by what you want and where you want to go. How responsible do you want to be? How many decisions do you want to be responsible? Do you want to be responsible or not for the purchase of a $50 million device? The possibilities are there.

For example, if you want to deploy abroad, you can do so. You lead your own way. As a civilian, I pilot the ship. There are so many different possibilities. COPPER CAP is different from other internship programs. This does not mean having coffee or making copies. It introduces professionals in the professional field of contracting. It has been designed to attract, train and retain high-level candidates, especially those with a professional or technical background. All elements of a contract specialist`s work revolve around the acquisition process. “Whether you`re creating the initial requirement or actually creating the request for tender for contractors or evaluating proposals, it`s a lot of work with your client – emails and phone calls. That`s a lot of writing: decision documents and memorandum. And the actual management, as soon as we receive a contract request, there is a lot going on there.

As soon as you buy it, it doesn`t stop. There is a recurring process to ensure that the government really has what it has paid. The Pathways Recent Graduate Program is for individuals who have recently received diplomas or certificates from qualified educational institutions or programs and who aspire to a dynamic career development program with training and tutoring. To be eligible, candidates must apply within two years from the date of obtaining or obtaining the certificate (with the exception of veterans who are prevented from doing so by their compulsory military service and who have up to six years to apply). . . .

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