If your nginx compilation contains one of the following third-party products – zlib, PCRE, OpenSSL – it`s also worth including their copyright confirmations and disclaimers. Yes, you can. Conventional ADCs and Load Balancers are provided at the front of an application to load, persistence, cache, route and change transactions. NGINX Plus offers the same features and benefits. AdCs and Load Balancer operate as reverse proxies and transmit HTTP requirements to original servers and application servers. NGINX Plus can be used as the original server (which uses static content directly from the hard drive) and as an application gateway (translate HTTP requirements for interface protocols such as FastCGI, uWSGI, memcache) – it offers all the features you`d like to get from a modern web server. NGINX Plus is a proven solution (based on the highly respected NGINX Open Source Core) that creates a full HTTP-controlled application platform. You can also read the following articles on nginx.com: “The move to an F5 enterprise license agreement and the virtual solution has given us the freedom to lift ourselves what we want when we want it. It gives us the freedom to explore and respond to the needs of our internal customers.

NGINX development licenses are not supported. If you have problems installing your software and development keys or can`t find the documentation you`re looking for, contact the developer relations team at the [email protected] address and we`ll be happy to help. Technical questions can be accessed in the NGINX Plus Administration Guide, the NGINX reference documentation and the community documentation www.nginx.com/resources/more/. The developer license gives you long-term access to all the features of NGINX Plus for your side projects and demos in non-productive environments. When your support contract expires, you are no longer allowed to use NGINX or assist NGINX. You can`t access NGINX Plus updates and you need to stop and delete your nginx anymore. Please contact us to extend your NGINX Plus subscription. NGINX supports NGINX open source binary compilations that are recovered from nginx.org repositories.

Buy a basic, professional or corporate support subscription for any NGINX open source instance that needs support and use a prefabricated NGINX open source binary file instead of a NGINX Plus binary file. NGINX does not support the binaries you create from the source or binary distributions from other sources. You don`t need to reinstall. You must replace the evaluation certificate with the production certificate, otherwise the NGINX Plus assessment facility cannot be launched after the evaluation certificate expires. You can get your production certificate through the NGINX Plus customer portal. Copy it in the directory /etc/ssl/nginx and replace the evaluation certificate. Use your operating system`s standard package management tool to remove the nginx-plus-extras image and install the Nginx-plus basic image. NGINX products are allowed “per instance.” Each subscription allows you to run a single instance of the software for the subscription period. Please follow the instructions below: cs.nginx.com/repo_setup Nginx (pronounced “Engine X”,[8] /ˌɛndʒɪnˈɛks/ EN-jin-EKS), stylized in NGINX or nginx or NginX, is a web server that can also be used as a proxy reverse server, Load Balancer, Mail Proxy and HTTP Cache. The software was created by Igor Sysoev and published in 2004.

[9] Nginx is a free, open source software that is published under the terms of the BSD 2-Clause license.

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