The Contract Negotiation team verifies both funded and unfunded agreements that support sponsored research. Types of contracts include contracts, data usage agreements, subcontracts (both entry and exit), hospitality research contracts, service agreements, equipment transfer agreements, clinical trial agreements, confidentiality agreements and financial and/or cooperation agreements with special conditions. We will also review the proposals if the proposal contains pre-conditions to ensure that, when the price is funded, we can navigate the conditions associated with the distinction. UW-Madison Template Agreements are available on the RSP form page. The allocation and agreement of sponsored research projects on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus is generally implemented through research and funding programs. The Contract Negotiation team in research and sponsored programs consists of several teams that verify the rewards and agreements of a large number of sponsors, including industry sponsors, non-profit organizations, national governments, the federal government and foreign institutions. To obtain liquidity from the RSP, a brokerage firm needs the authorization of at least one bank that sets a limit on the value of all repo contracts that the brokerage firm can enter into. In addition, banco de México sets a limit on the value of the pesos repurchase agreements allowed for each participant. These limits are based on the capital of each participant. When a brokerage firm wishes to enter into a renu aman agreement, it sends an application to the RSP to indicate the bank through which the transaction is made.

The RSP verifies the ceiling set by the bank for the brokerage company and the ceiling of the bank set up by Banco de México. The system then proceeds to two transactions that take place simultaneously: one between Banco de México and the bank, which gave permission to implement the repo agreement, and another between the bank and the brokerage company. The RSP contract negotiation team consists of twelve members who work together to promote and facilitate the university`s research, education and communication activities, which have received extramurly support through the review and negotiation of the terms of the agreements. When reviewing awards agreements, each team member ensures that the conditions of the award documentation are related to federal law, national law, University of Wisconsin-Madison policies, research policies and sponsor programs, and the needs of researchers here at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Information about the trading process is as follows: If a brokerage company cannot meet its obligations at the end of its resp agreements, Banco de México breaks off transactions with the brokerage company and transfers the bonds to the bank concerned. If a bank is unable to meet its obligations, the rean agreements are automatically renewed by one day. This renewal process can be repeated for 10 consecutive days. If the bank does not enter into a repo agreement at the end of the eleventh day, banco de México terminates it and holds the guarantees. With regard to Banco de México`s daily balance policy, any renusp agreement, automatically renewed for one day, is considered a charge on the bank`s SIAC account. Banco de México accepts repo agreements on securities issued in Mexico by the federal government, the Institute for the Protection of Bank Savings (IPAB) and Banco de México, as well as securities traded on secondary markets.

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