The Grande Prairie Regional College Academic Staff Association (ASA) represents approximately 180 full-time and part-time teachers on the Grande Prairie and Fairview campuses. The ASA is a proud member of the Alberta Colleges – Institutes Faculties Association (ACIFA) and the Canadian Association of University Teachers/Canadian Association of Professerues and University Professors (CAUT/ACPPU). Don`t miss the news of the negotiation! Update your contact information at: GREAT PRAIRIE REGIONAL COLLEGE FAIRVIEW CAMPUS BARGAINING TEAM Dave Malka, Organizer 780-232-3407 or ASA representatives for ASA Committees Representative Terms of Reference Year Agreements Eligible FundsPrespenses Pre-authorization/Application Form We submitted a proposal for three years, which included a $500 package in the first year, will increase your salaries to parity with other CRPG employees in the second year, increase health spending to 700 $US and convert Flex expenditure accounts into re-opening salaries in the third year. The employer seemed to appreciate the idea of a $700 expense account, but he finally responded to our proposal and offered a 0% pay increase for each year. We did not agree and we warned the employer that we would seek mediation after the Essential Services agreement was concluded. What does ACIFA do for you? Read the latest CAUT/ACPPU newsletter – Employers make pay increases – Your bargaining team met with the employer on Wednesday, January 23, but we haven`t made much progress. The main themes remain money items and new articles dealing with contracting, contracting and pay equity. The employer is still not prepared to seriously address these issues. Don`t hesitate to contact a member of your commission or AUPE resource staff with questions, comments or concerns. Your bargaining committee is aimed at achieving pay parity with our colleagues at the Prairie Regional College. We are no less than them, and they should not be overthrown – instead, we want us all to stand up in solidarity.

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