DFAT FOI Team “The current offer is the worst EA offer www.dfat.gov.au in the history of enterprise bargaining at dFAT and KPdSU expects members to want to return to the negotiating table to look for an improved offer for DFAT employees,” the bulletin states. Please limit the scope of my request to document a decision, provision or agreement that staff rent and incidental costs for DFAT staff posted abroad be included in the calculation of the cost of the secondment allowance as of July 1, 2000. – documents relating, if any, to staff rent and incidental costs for DFAT staff posted abroad since 1 July 2000, have been included in COPA`s calculations, including documents relating to any decision, provision or agreement relating to the inclusion in COPA calculations of staff rent and auxiliary services for workers posted abroad. The CPSU says the 3,700 FDFA employees should be concerned about the “rationalization” of the agreement, in line with GSP-wide proposals. The Community and Public Sector Union sent a bulletin to its members of the department stating that its senior managers had “presented their revised final enterprise agreement and immediately indicated that they did not consider further negotiations possible.” But the main employment union says there are few benefits for “the worst offer [of enterprise agreement] in the history of enterprise bargaining at DFAT” and appears to be promoting no after the overwhelming failures of management proposals elsewhere in the Australian Public Service. If we need to consult with other people or organizations about your FOI application, we may need your personal data (for example.B. Their name). The consultation may show that you asked a question, even if we did not reveal your identity. Please let us know if you have any doubts about this. The ministry`s privacy policy is available at [2]dfat.gov.au/privacy.html.

. Please note that the service collects a fee for processing faith applications. We will notify you of these costs if we are able to estimate the resources needed to process your application. I take note of your advice that the documents I have requested will probably not be made public and I look forward to explaining their legal basis if a decision is made to reject my application. The 30-day period may be extended in certain circumstances. We will advise you if it is necessary to lengthen the time. Since the purpose of your application requires DFAT to download all documents disclosed to you in the department`s Faith Disclosure Protocol, we would like to take this opportunity to inform you that the department`s policy is to download documents on the same day the documents are disclosed to you. Please pass it on to the person conducting the freedom of information check. It is the department`s policy of retaining the mobile phone numbers of all government officials, as well as the names and contact information of government officials who are not in the Senior Executive Service (SES) or equivalent.

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