In addition, nurses and midwives in public health and private hospitals are generally covered by an employment contract with additional wages and working conditions. Various distinctions and agreements on thousands of jobs and in all health facilities determine the salaries and conditions for nurses in Australia. In general, Fair Work Australia awards have the legal minimum for wages and working conditions. Western Australia`s largest professional organization of nurses, midwives and nurses, which offers legal coverage, industrial coverage, insurance and a number of other services. On January 1, 2010, a national Nurses Award was established. The Nurses Award is awarded to primary health care and general practice nurses, including registered nurses, registered nurses, caregivers and midwives. It sets the minimum wage and the conditions of a nurse working in Australia. Please note that in 1998, for registered nurses, individual agreements were certified for registered nurses with some differences between them. Only one representative sample is provided below. To book your holiday unit today, sign up for iFolio or register here as an ANF member. Discover the top 5 Aged Care installations for RNs, ENs and AINs at a glance with our superb comparison diagrams! Find out all about your potential employer, for more login details on iFolio here. Not a member yet? Click here.

Click here to sign up for your iFolio and book a place in an ANF course (courses are held regularly in the city and rural areas). We do everything we do for our members, with things like travel protection, professional liability insurance and legal advice. We also like to go to the extra mile. The ANF also offers great deals and discounts on a number of products and services. Click here to join the ANF today so you can book a place in an ANF course. Classes are held regularly at the ANF office, in the suburbs (Armadale, Joondalup, Melville and Midland) and in rural areas. The ANF offers cheap holiday homes in Margaret River and Kalbarri. These very discounted holiday homes can be reserved for members. . Other facilities in each complex include: swimming pools, barbecues, sauna, gymnasiums, games room and children`s play area. If your job is not mentioned, your EBA remains available by contacting the ANF Office directly. National Employment Standards (NES) are a separate component of the Federal Labour Relations Act and set absolute minimum standards for pay and conditions for every worker in Australia.

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